Slovenský raj - rather peculiar is, karst area with lots of ravines, gorges, narrow valleys and canyons. Because of its unusual and aesthetic values of the Slovak Paradise was in 1988 declared a national park.

ČINGOV most important tourist resort. It is the starting point for tours Kláštorisko, Monastery Gorge, Hornád Canyon, Falcon Valley.

Soil rather, where the Slovak Paradise and Spiš Grand Hotel *** is boasts enormous natural and cultural assets, which include persons jewels of contemporary architecture.
In the nearby area you will find monuments listed fund UNESCO World Heritage. They are Spišský Castle Spis Chapter, Church of St. Spirit in Zehra, cities and Levoča Ves, having a square full of historical buildings and museums.


Although Grand Hotel Spiš *** is not located in the immediate vicinity of the ski resort, its location offers several options to spend a pleasant stay with the possibility of good skiing.

Ski site offers Grajnár and Mlynky.
On request, we arrange services Ski instructors and guides to trails.

Ski resorts:

  • ** Spišská Nová Ves - Rittenberg 7 km - Ski resort is not in operation
  • *** Ski centrum Levoča 15 km
  • ** Poráč - Brodok 25 km
  • ** Mlynky - Biele Vody - Dedinky 35 km
  • **** Krompachy - Plejsy 35 km
  • *** Vysoké Tatry 30 km

We can organize

  • Tennis court with tennis-school
  • Services relaxation center near the hotel
  • Tourist guides
  • Mountain guide
  • Teaching climbing wall
  • Rappelling under Tomášovský view.
  • Slovak Paradise you can see even in horse riding, carriage and sleigh rides in winter

Dear visitor,

If you enter the key words: Tatry, Spiš, Pieniny into your search engine, and are searching for a suitable place on the way to get knowledge, relax and healthy nature, welcome to our website!

Do not worry about our seemingly complicated name; you will be taken to geographically extraordinary environs in the northern part of Slovakia...

Are you searching for optimal place for your holiday? We will try to persuade you that this place will be found exactly with us - on the territory of the Regional organisation of tourist trade Tatry -Spiš -Pieniny, the operation of which is starting from the area of Spišský hrad /castle/ and the town Levoča up to northern frontiers with Poland by the river Dunajec, from the foothills of the High Tatras and Levočské vrchy /hills/ up to Pieniny, from Spišský hrad /castle/ and Kežmarský hrad /castle/, past the manor house in Spišské Hanušovce up to Carthusians monastery in Červený kláštor.....

In summer period you need not to be afraid of weather attacks and eccentricity, which spoilt your holiday some other time... Year-round our members offer qualitative accommodation, catering services and many other serices. In winter period you will enjoy skiing in ski centres and bathing in a free thermal bathing pool in Vrbov or relaxing in wellness facilities. At favourable weather you may pump energy in beautiful nature of the Belianske Tatras, Levočské vrchy /hills/ and Pieniny (visit to the Belianska cave, touristic trips, cycling, picnics outdoors, rafting on the river Dunajec, fishery, boating), namely even if you are a good sportsman or you have a family with little children.

Regardless of the weather you may broaden your knowledge in summer and experience the feeling of pride with your home-folks of art of our ancestors when you visit unique historical sightseeings; and thus not only those which are listed in world´s heritage of UNESCO, but also others which can be found in each our member community or town. You will get to know different styles of architecture starting from the oldest up to modern ones and you will certainly be inspired by our magnificent Renaissance, Gothic or Baroque sights situated in large numbers on a small and easily accessible territory!

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